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My name is Manav Jhaveri , my age is not relevant. After completing 10 years in Campion School Mumbai, I am currently studying at St Xavier’s college, Mumbai. The point of an authors note is to list all my achievements , endeavours and so on. For me the content in this book is thoroughly and unapologetically against that kind of nonsense.

If my book is read only because of my achievements or my past, then the knowledge gained through this book would be worthless for the reader. As a child I was not academically inclined. Being fond of travelling , I was fortunate enough to meet and observe people from different cultures , countries and religions . I was highly inquisitive and maybe that’s why my head was filled with all kinds of questions.

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Once there is a difference between

the actor and the action ,

one becomes an observer and not a participant ,

such is the way of the Buddha.

Todays Quote

19 March 2019

Don’t run after achievements , it is destined for failure.In any situation , be a watcher.

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True, completely removed 'Problem word only’.There is no such thing as a problem- Jigna Shah
Great perception on ‘ Power of no-mind'- Miguel Alpire

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